Best Kids PS2 Games 2009

When it comes to Kids PS2 Games, it’s important to find video games that are not only fun to play, but also to find the ones that are “Kid Safe” – having ratings and themes that are appropriate for children.
Here is a list of the five Best Kids PS2 Games based on popularity, consumer ratings as well as having appropriate themes and language for kids:

1. Wall-E for PS2 – This is an excellent Kids PS2 Game choice for young children. It’s theme is fun (based on scenes from the “Wall-E” movie) and controlling the game is simple for kids new to playing video games or early-gamers. As a note – due to the simplicity of the game control, experienced gamers might be disappointed at the lack of challenge. Wall-E for PS2 is played with either “Wall-E” or “EVE” as game characters and has nine worlds with racing, laser blasting and plenty of fun for kids. It can normally be purchased for $20 or less from

2. Katamari Damacy for PS2 – This game that has been a huge hit in Japan has now become popular in the U.S. and is one of the most interesting and fun Kids PS2 Games ever. The controlling of the game is simple, players using only and so is ideal for younger children as well as more experienced gamers. What makes Katamari Damacy so special is it’s unique design and theme – players roll objects together, creating a larger and larger (and eventually monstrous) ball that picks up and carries off skyscrapers – you name it. The graphics are excellent and the game is well-known for being hysterically funny and worth many hours of fun in a single sitting. Retail price is $20 but can usually be found for much less on

3. Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures for PS2 – Constant action, based on the original Indiana Jones films. Kids use their creativity to build Lego objects that help them in the game while having to constantly stay on their toes with challenges and plenty of action. Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures for PS2 is one of the more humorous Kids PS2 Games available, having amusing slants on the characters and situations from the original movies. Retail price for this game is around $40 but can be found for less from some resources online – the best price I’ve found for it is on Games.

4. Disney Pixar Cars for PS2 – This game has been popular for some time and has maintained it’s popularity with kids (and adults) for good reason – not only can players re-live great parts of the movie and race on more than 30 tracks, the characters are every bit as entertaining as they are in the movie. It’s ideal for young children but has enough challenge for more experienced gamers. In addition to the main racing games there are “mini games” that can be played in single or multiplayer mode. Retail cost for this Kids PS2 Game is around $15-$20, but can often be found for around $10 on

5. Kingdom Hearts for PS2 – Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters all meet up in this amazing Kids PS2 Game to make for one of the most interesting and fun games ever. One great aspect of this game is the practically unlimited character combination – for example, bringing characters such as Goofy and Tarzan together to battle it out against the forces of evil. Simply amazing combinations of characters and the graphics are every bit as good as the gaming possibilities. An excellent choice for either children or older gamers. Retail price for Kingdom Hearts for PS2 is normally around $20, but can often be found for less on Amazon, and can sometimes be found for an absolute steal on eBay.

The Kids PS2 Games above have very nice ratings from gaming organizations and consumers. They are rated “E” (for “Everyone”) and are completely appropriate for children.