Call of Duty: World at War – Video Game Review

Call of Duty World at War takes place in the eve of WWII and features a great single player campaign as well as a valued multi player end of the game that will keep you playing for months on end. Overall this game is worth the money and will keep you or your children entertained for months on end. The games rating is M for Mature for vulgar language (its not that bad) and blood and violence.
Single Player Campaign 8.5/10

The single player campaign is very good and you fight on the sides of The United States and the Russians during WWII. Reenacting battles like Stalingrad, D-Day, Invasion of Berlin, Kursk, and Okinawa. These epic battles can all be found in the campaign. Also the missions of D-Day and Stalingrad take the role of the those similar to the movies Saving Private Ryan and Enemy at the Gates. This campaign is also longer and a little more difficult overall than previous Call of Duty Games. The campaign should last you at least a couple of days of gameplay and unlocks a special multiplayer mode called Zombies that is easily worth the efforts.

Multiplayer 10/10

The gameplay in multiplayer is why some people buy the game. They even skip the campaign. The level of difficulty here changes from match to match and depending on who you play. You can make friends and team up with them in matches or play with your friends from home against opponents online. The multiplayer allows you to level up. With each level you unlock new guns and challenges. These challenges allow you to unlock more points and level up quicker. Once you reach level 65 you have make an important choice. Prestige and accept the consequences (not gonna spoil it for you) but gain respect, or stay where you are and remain with all your guns (hint, hint) and your custom classes. The graphics in multiplayer are also near perfect and you can not beat the game play.

Graphics 9/10

The graphics in the game are near spotless. However the reason they do not get a 10/10 is because of the darkness in the gameplay which can heed the graphics a little bit, as well as there were very little changes from Call of Duty Modern Warfare. There are a couple nice perks in the graphics that have come with World at War, but they are the little things that make the difference. Still the graphics are almost impeccable.

Playability/Replay Value 10/10

This game is the gift that keeps on giving. There is enough in this game to keep you playing for nights on end. It will be like that addiction you just can not get rid of. Between the single player campaign, zombies (unlockable), and multiplayer online you simply just can not get bored playing this game. Reason being it is simply fun. Pure addicting fun. 10/10 is what this game deserves for replay value, there is simply so much you can do so many things to unlock and is worth all the money you spend on it.

Overall 9.5/10

This game is made with its multiplayer and replay value. Yes the campaign and graphics are very good however, multiplayer is what makes it what it is. This game is almost perfect under everyone’s standards but just does not cut it to be perfect. Very few games are however. This is an amazing game and everyone needs to get it and make the most of the gameplay.

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